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Unleash the hero: goodyng

Support your Florespark local genius and his business by representing him on the streets and on your self. Check out the Goodyng Collection today!

Goodyng Collection

Discover the Ultimate Rippaverse Collection

Enter a world of unmatched excitement at our Rippaverse comic book store, the leading destination for everything Rippaverse. Immerse yourself in the enthralling universes of ISOM, Yaira, and Alphacore through our vast selection of graphic novels, apparel, and posters. Our store caters to both ardent fans and newcomers, offering top-notch merchandise that breathes life into your beloved characters and narratives.

Comic Books

Discover thrilling adventures in the Rippaverse with our diverse selection of comic books. Start with ISOM: The Ill-advised Arc, where the retired hero turned rancher, Avery Silman, is pulled back into action upon receiving a call from his sister. Continue his story in ISOM #1 and ISOM #2, which showcase stunning artwork by Cliff Richards and a captivating storyline by Eric July. Also, be sure not to miss Alphacore, a dystopian tale by Chuck Dixon that pushes genre boundaries with its advanced AI-driven world.


Express your love for the Rippaverse through our fashionable and top-quality shirts. Choose from our range: the intense Bloodruth Shirt, the lively Yaira Shirt, or the classic ISOM Shirt. Each item is designed for comfort and longevity. Made from 100% cotton and available in sizes S to XXXXL, our shirts are tailored to suit every fan's size.


Complete your look with our Rippaverse hats, which include designs such as the ISOM Hat and the timeless Rippaverse Logo Hat. These adjustable trucker hats, crafted from top-quality materials, provide a comfortable fit and display your appreciation for the Rippaverse universe.


Enhance your space with our striking Rippaverse posters. Featuring the mesmerizing artwork of ISOM, the magical aura of Yaira, and the dark, captivating world of Bloodruth, our posters make a perfect addition to any fan's collection. Sized at 24" x 36" and printed on premium paper, these posters vividly bring the dynamic world of the Rippaverse to your walls.

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At our comic book store, we're committed to bringing the Rippaverse to life. Whether you're a collector looking to grow your comic book collection, a fashion enthusiast searching for exclusive shirts and hats, or a fan seeking breathtaking posters, we cater to every Rippaverse enthusiast. Come visit us today and delve into the pulsating worlds of ISOM, Yaira, Alphacore, and more! Don't just read about your heroes—experience the adventure with our top-notch Rippaverse merchandise!

With our wide range of high-quality products and unbeatable customer service, our store is your go-to destination for all things Rippaverse.

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