ISOM #1, Cover B

A 96-page comic book written by Eric July.


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ISOM #1, Cover B

  • Pencil & Ink done by Cliff Richards
  • Color work done by Gabe Eltaeb
  • Launch of the highly anticipated Rippaverse comic book universe
  • The introduction of Isom and several other important characters
  • Cover by Cliff Richards

5 reviews for ISOM #1, Cover B

  1. Dean Williams (verified owner)

    This is the first comic that I have ever purchased. Originally I just wanted to support Eric, but after reading the comic, I am genuinely interested in the story. The characters are interesting and I can’t wait to get more insight into their powers and personalities. Looking forward to Isom #2 and anything else coming out of the Rippaverse.

  2. J. A. (verified owner)

    I’m very happy to have helped Eric launch his company, and I know his future issues and other titles will be great. Isom #1 is a good first effort but I was hoping for more. The story seems well structured and deep so far. I’m keenly interested in seeing the world expand as the adventure unfolds, and get to know all these characters a bit more. There are mistakes in the story that, if this were a movie, we would all be blasting it but overall the writing is okay. I was hoping the art would be better, to be honest. Its not terrible, just average in my opinion. That being said, its a good launch and I’m glad I bought it. Hoping to read how this universe unfolds in future issues!

  3. Scott Baetz (verified owner)

    As issue one, of an independent comic, in a new world. There are a lot of expectations, and I believe that Rippaverse is off to a great start.

    Let’s run through some basics. My comic came so well packaged, I appreciate that, since, well, how easily our comics can be destroyed by those who do not know how much they mean to us. The quality, the paper, it’s rich thickness, really appreciate the quality of printing here. Worth every penny.

    Now, onto the hard stuff, story, world, plot, stickiness.

    The cover, pfft, great piece of artwork, it tells a story, and ties into the actual story. Here we are setting up a brand new world, I’m fully engaged. Our main characters have back stories that we want to hear more about. While I stayed on each page for the artwork, the story was gripping and unique, a page turner for sure.

    For me, it was because we have a good base story, with the mystery of this new world, and again strong characters. We don’t have a redo of some other character in some other universe. Avery is new, he comes at this from an angle that is understandable. We also are not buried with pages of world babble, this is a story that makes sense.

    So, for me, I’m glad to be part of this first issue. A solid read, I’m telling my friends, heck, they already know.

    But, I do want more. I want the Rippaverse team to start talking to us about Issue #2. Feed us! We need more!


  4. John Bingham (verified owner)

    Nice to read a comic, that doesn’t push an ideological agenda down our throats. Just plain fun to read. This is what a comic is supposed to be, fun, exciting, and adventurous. Looking forward to Ripperverse issuing the 2nd and 3rd issues.

  5. William Weizenbach (verified owner)

    I’ve never been a big comic fan but I felt I had to support Eric and I am not disappointed. You can see the passion in the product already just in the quality of the printing the packaging and the constant communication. After reading the story that passion comes through even more. Already there is so much depth to the story and we’ve barely even started. I don’t think the story is overly complicated but the best thing is that it is FUN. Plain and simple fun that we can all get into that doesn’t try to preach with some heavy handed message. Keep up the good work Rippaverse team and keep it coming!

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