ISOM #1, Cover C

A 96-page comic book written by Eric July.


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ISOM #1, Cover C

  • Pencil & Ink done by Cliff Richards
  • Color work done by Gabe Eltaeb
  • Launch of the highly anticipated Rippaverse comic book universe
  • The introduction of Isom and several other important characters
  • Cover by Cliff Richards

18 reviews for ISOM #1, Cover C

  1. Justin Marsh (verified owner)

    As a specialty comic seller we support the efforts to better the industry! Currently comics are stale and just plain gross. We thank you from!

  2. Stephen Holland (verified owner)

    I am 54, and I grew up reading Marvel and a little DC in the 70s, and it was awesome. People complained about Jim Shooter, but I loved the early 80s too. I never thought I would find new comics (yes, I still have my collection of 15 years worth) to share with my little boys, 10 and 8. I am confident they will look forward to each new issue, and each new series, just like I did. Thank you so much for something good to share with my boys.

  3. R Swaager (verified owner)

    I would have bought this if it was drawn and written by a 6 year old Eric, just to support the cause! (Getting this woke sh1t out of comics) but this looks really good! Greetings from the Netherlands, Rob

  4. Anthony Andris (verified owner)

    I bought this to support the cause! I appreciate what you’re doing here. As a young kid growing up I fell in love with comics and even at 36 years old that child still exists in me today. The comic book industry is in a sorry state and we gotta put a stop to all the wokeism, identity politics and virtue signaling. You’re doing the right thing here and I have nothing but respect for you Eric, because of that you have my support! On top of all that I get a badass comic book to read! Much love!

  5. Amanda Farr (verified owner)

    Hello from the uk xx I have purchased this for my extreme comic head fiancé. He is always watching your YouTube content and dropping hints that he wanted to collect all of your work. I can’t wait to see his face when I surprise him with it xx thank you

  6. Derek Nall (verified owner)

    Just order my copy, thankyou for caring about the characters we love that they have on purpose sacrificed to the intersectional woke goddess of Marx worshiping blue haired Karen’s and Kyle’s that gave us a repacked red “Jordan Peterson”skull or Commie “capt” America. Thankyou for give us a character not a race gender identity. Someone that has depth that goes in to meat of the story and doesn’t stop at sexual preference or the shade of melanin

  7. Carlos Levy (verified owner)

    Bought to support! First comic book I’ve ever purchased, I’m 23, but excited to read what’s to come. I’ve gotten so tired of the bull and neutering of superheroes I once loved and when u heard what you were doing I had to hop on the wave man. Thank you is all I can say!

  8. Donny Gunn (verified owner)

    I received my signed copy last on 10-1-2022 and will not open it because it will be a collection edition so instead I’ve ordered another copy to actually open and read. Love what you are doing my man Eric, keep it up. I’ll be getting all of your books.

  9. Roy Dudzic (verified owner)

    What can be said, but WOW!!! These are great! Great art and a great cause. The world has been turned upside down in the way people think. The issue of race gender, woke-ism, identity politics and virtue signaling is poisoning the minds of adults as well as children. I wont apologize for what I believe and think. When I grew up, boys were boys and girls were girls and the boys were glad for it!

  10. Marc Sparks (verified owner)

    Isom #1 is comic I need to think about. It’s the first issue if a new universe that starts in the middle. That’s a wise choice, our primary characters have untold histories, and so, by implication does this universe. The street level story that is unfolding allows Eric to introduce elements of this world without prescribing them. Avery is neither the first nor only superhuman, nor the most powerful.

    The teaser suggests that God’s monsters walk this world in equal measure, I would be intrigued to see if Eric embraces more that just the superhero genre for his universe, is there room for the House of Mystery type characters, is there a golden age past for this world where the Desert Rats fought for King and empire against the Ubermen of the Afrika Korp in North Africa? (Imagine getting Roy Thomas to contribute a golden age rippavere story.)

    Roll on issue two and hopefully some announcements about futures titles.

  11. Eric Freeman (verified owner)

    I enjoyed this comic, the art especially cover A is pretty good, disappointed in the reveal page of ISOM, expected a more epic reveal, the pacing can be off at times, and some of the fight scenes were difficult to follow, but overall It was a pretty good comic

  12. Brodaming Cambero (verified owner)

    What a good start of a comic book, I can’t wait to read Isom issue #2. I love the feel of the pages and wonderful art work. Thank you Rippaverse, now let’s give the competition (what’s left of it) a good spanking.

  13. Christina Grubb (verified owner)

    I’m 72 and grew up reading comic books. I couldn’t wait to read this but I couldn’t open it. It was so special… so I ordered another one for reading. Will share with my grandson😁 He will think I’m the coolest grandma ever😝

  14. Kyle Bryant (verified owner)

    Ok, let me start off by saying that im what Mr. Ripper refers to has a “normie” to comics in general. Oh, i had hand me downs from my uncle and cousin’s comics, seen the movies and played the games, but never really got into DC, Marvel, or really any media that relies to heavy on time-travel/multiverse(expect crossovers that where made for fun: Loony toons &DC and such) Its just after while its like “why should i care; if they will reset everything anyway?” The only comics i’v been into before this was Star Wars (dawn of the jedi-swtor eras). i liked these comics because while strictly speaking there is some time travel(most forms of ftl is some sort of time travel and one extreme: case Marka Ragnos reaches into the future to physical brand Ulic & Exar Sith Lords and some force ghost/cosmic stuff) there was still clear timeline; with no rewinding. So when i first heard and seen the code of conduct that there would be no resetting of timelines; that got my intention almost as much as respecting the customers and i hope he keeps to that. Now; for what i think of the book its’ self: Without spoiling to much; Its a very strong starter. There seems to be a very complex culture of excepts and normals and while Isom seems to be a low power level hero; i think we are going to see him gradually build him self up and i like that, but even if he stays at this current power: the guy can fight smart; so i would be ok if does not lvl up (in terms of super powers). He appears to dot on his sister and niece and that makes me invested in his story. While i always thought plain clothed heroes often look more intimidating (like Logan) and most hero costumes to be silly; It is implied that the “super suits” are not just costumes, but have actual materials that go along with their owners abilities and offer real protection; so i guess i can cope with that. One thing that may put folks off is the fact the heroes seem to have no qualms about killing, and there was a sort of disagreement between one high tiered antihero/villain(?) and a more “lawful” hero team and a cop got killed by the rouge heroine as i said; the culture between norms and excepts is complex. Now me personally: i’d like my heroes to avoid killing; as much as possible, but not enabling them like what batman does with joker. Isom himself made pretty clear he is more an antihero atm(even if was a hero he would have to kill sometimes because of his low power lvl and not bullet proof; so no gripes there). i hope as that other heroes are introduced in Rippaverse some avoid killing if they can do so, but the last thing i want is another enabler like batman (sorry bat fans😅) Some characters who had *appeared* to have no relation to the main story at all made brief appearances hinting at some cosmic/demonic threat is on its way to “Rippaverse”, but im guessing that is going to be the Thanos/Darkside level type threat down the road. More invested in Isom and his family at this point, but i get that Ripper is teasing a whole franchise. The only nitpicky thing i don’t like is that in the 2ed fight with Isom and Santwan coming at each other ready to strike, but skip the moment where they hit each other to the moment where they slide away; perhaps they both have some lowkey super speed or ki arura that kicks in with adrenaline? Cant say for sure as the lore is all new. All in all this was a great start of what is hopefully something that will be as big as Marvel & DC. Kudus to Mr.Rippa for going though on his own comic: something i have been kicking around in my head for awhile myself, but did not follow though; because of health reasons and our current state of culture. He is a far braver man than i and i wish him well.🙏

  15. rmossmd (verified owner)

    (there are details from the story, not likely to spoil the story)
    Better than average comic book (as best I can tell as an old 53 yr. old guy). I read lots of comics until going off to college, not many after college. My comparison is to John Byrne and Chris Claremont’s X-Men of the early 1980s.

    Very good art. Visuals and action are both interesting and well depicted.

    The story is interesting and believable. The characters seem to react like real people would in a strange circumstances. Avery’s niece is outstanding in herself and a good example of this. I get the impression that more interaction with these people will allow us to continue to see them as people rather than just caricatures that often inhabit comics and other stories. When the costume creator indicates his old costume is outdated and what sort of changes he needs to improve it- Avery’s answer is very appropriate and grounded in reality (and very amusing to me).

    Ambiguity and uncertainty: We see Yadira from Avery’s point of view and what is happening with her is not clear. Having Avery alarming the local police as he and his foe crash through a wall is a very nice touch. If superpowered people were around, it is unlikely their actions would be well understood by the normal people. When they accidentally run into each other, there is no reason that they would understand what is going on with each other.

    I enjoyed the build-up to the issue’s finale.

    Bottom line: it is hard to achieve the level of enjoyment one anticipates after waiting 2+ months for something. This is a good story and comic book. I will definitely get Isom #2. I like Avery and am interested in where his story is going.

    The promo for Viking gods among us appears in an entirely different style (perhaps this is the 2nd project mentioned in development by Eric). It echos Eric’s discussion of many different types of stories to be told in the Rippaverse.

    Thank you Eric July and company.

  16. Rahman El (verified owner)

    Love the art work. Just ordered my first copy and is looking forward to a long lasting adventure.

  17. Bryon Schaefer (verified owner)

    I ordered two copies of this book for my son and myself. I have always enjoyed Marvel and then DC, but they have gotten stale, rehash old stories, and cant seem to create new characters that are interesting or relatable. The books were shipped quickly and were well protected in the shipping package. I enjoyed the story and can’t wait for more work. Great job on the first book. Ultra professional. Well done and I hope your business continues to grow.

  18. Robert Barker (verified owner)

    This is just for the packaging used in shipping (which I know is a lame review) but I am so happy someone knows how to package something to be as close to bomb proof as possible. I’m so used to getting packages that look like they were bent in half, drop kicked, and the contents are ruined. This comic was as well protected as possible short of shipping in a wooden crate. It just gets old having to replace something you are trying to collect because it wasn’t wrapped up well in the first place. It may sound like a small thing to those that haven’t had to deal with ham handed delivery people but it’s a little thing that I was glad to see. Thank you!

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