ISOM #1, Cover C

A 96-page comic book written by Eric July.


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ISOM #1, Cover C

  • Pencil & Ink done by Cliff Richards
  • Color work done by Gabe Eltaeb
  • Launch of the highly anticipated Rippaverse comic book universe
  • The introduction of Isom and several other important characters
  • Cover by Cliff Richards

8 reviews for ISOM #1, Cover C

  1. Justin Marsh (verified owner)

    As a specialty comic seller we support the efforts to better the industry! Currently comics are stale and just plain gross. We thank you from!

  2. Stephen Holland (verified owner)

    I am 54, and I grew up reading Marvel and a little DC in the 70s, and it was awesome. People complained about Jim Shooter, but I loved the early 80s too. I never thought I would find new comics (yes, I still have my collection of 15 years worth) to share with my little boys, 10 and 8. I am confident they will look forward to each new issue, and each new series, just like I did. Thank you so much for something good to share with my boys.

  3. R Swaager (verified owner)

    I would have bought this if it was drawn and written by a 6 year old Eric, just to support the cause! (Getting this woke sh1t out of comics) but this looks really good! Greetings from the Netherlands, Rob

  4. Anthony Andris (verified owner)

    I bought this to support the cause! I appreciate what you’re doing here. As a young kid growing up I fell in love with comics and even at 36 years old that child still exists in me today. The comic book industry is in a sorry state and we gotta put a stop to all the wokeism, identity politics and virtue signaling. You’re doing the right thing here and I have nothing but respect for you Eric, because of that you have my support! On top of all that I get a badass comic book to read! Much love!

  5. Amanda Farr (verified owner)

    Hello from the uk xx I have purchased this for my extreme comic head fiancé. He is always watching your YouTube content and dropping hints that he wanted to collect all of your work. I can’t wait to see his face when I surprise him with it xx thank you

  6. Derek Nall (verified owner)

    Just order my copy, thankyou for caring about the characters we love that they have on purpose sacrificed to the intersectional woke goddess of Marx worshiping blue haired Karen’s and Kyle’s that gave us a repacked red “Jordan Peterson”skull or Commie “capt” America. Thankyou for give us a character not a race gender identity. Someone that has depth that goes in to meat of the story and doesn’t stop at sexual preference or the shade of melanin

  7. Carlos Levy (verified owner)

    Bought to support! First comic book I’ve ever purchased, I’m 23, but excited to read what’s to come. I’ve gotten so tired of the bull and neutering of superheroes I once loved and when u heard what you were doing I had to hop on the wave man. Thank you is all I can say!

  8. Donny Gunn (verified owner)

    I received my signed copy last on 10-1-2022 and will not open it because it will be a collection edition so instead I’ve ordered another copy to actually open and read. Love what you are doing my man Eric, keep it up. I’ll be getting all of your books.

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