Rippaverse® x ComicBooks For Kids!

By Andrew Rodriguez

Hello, Rippaverse®! 

 As teased by our CEO and Founder, Eric July, and requested by many of you on social media and in live stream chats, Rippaverse Publishing has elected to partner with a charitable organization to create an avenue for those of you who choose to donate copies of Isom #1 & #2 to kids in need. We are proud to announce our partnership with ComicBooks For Kids! 

ComicBooks For Kids is the largest charity organization in the world for comic books and pop culture-related material! Supporting 200 children’s hospitals and cancer treatment centers, CB4K is dedicated to getting fun comic books and pop culture merchandise into the hands of every child in a hospital or cancer treatment center. They have partnered with some of the biggest names in the comic book sphere, and now we couldn’t be more proud to be able to be a part of what they do!  

Donating is easy! Just go to our campaign page and scroll to the ComicBooks For Kids “Donate Now!” options on the side scrolling bar. Then, choose whether you’d like to donate a single copy of Isom #2, a bundle of five copies, a bundle of ten, or even the Catch-Up pack of Isom #1 & 2! These donated copies will be HALF the cost of the usual books, and we’ll cover the rest and send all of the donated books directly to CB4K! This is a wonderful way to give back and get involved in helping out these children in need. HUGE shoutout to the ComicBooks For Kids organization and a huge shoutout and thank you to everyone who is able to be a part of this fantastic way to give back.

You are all Great.