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Lead Artist & Illustrator


Alex Miller

Alex is a long-time musician and minister at his church. He has worked closely with Eric July for years in their band Backwordz, where he sings, plays bass, and keeps track of finances on tours. On his downtime, he enjoys casual gaming with friends and traveling.


Kara Gooch

Kara has been a content creator for nearly ten years. She made the jump into professionally working in the gaming industry in 2020. She’s an avid fan of The Witcher 3, cute dog videos, and naps. If you like to talk video games or anime you’ll get along just fine. Sources close to Kara say her spirit animal is a honey badger.


Jordan Crowe

Jordan does animation and video editing. When not animating or editing, she reads books and play video games. Her goal in life is to be boring and uninteresting so people will leave her alone. Go away.


Brandon Taylor

Brandon is from the Great country of Texas. He is Registered Radiologic Technologist who graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Radiologic Sciences. He is an avid gamer and usually get suckered into playing Destiny with his buddies. He also loves sports, in particular, Dallas Sports. Brandon loves lifting weights, but hates cardio. He IS the strongest person on the team.


Brian Bradley

Starting off as a video editor and assisting with social media for Eric’s Youtube channel and podcast “For Canon Sake”, Brian is a well-rounded creative with skill sets in many various fields. Outside of work, Brian may spend his time with a guitar, PS5 controller, sketchbook or camera in hand as he still freelances in videography (weddings/concerts/music videos) from time to time. Brian is the newest member of the band Backwordz (joined 2018), and has a pop-punk solo project on the side “Brian Damon.”



Sheepsidian is an ex-military personnel turned content creator. He dabbles in music and video games, but his biggest passions are drawing, writing, and worldbuilding. Don’t let the scowl fool you, he’s just deep in thought about his next art piece.


Carrow Brown

Carrow is a military brat that went into the military and decided it wasn’t for her. After getting her Master’s in psychology, she went into the Industry/Organization field to help create productive work environments. When she isn’t screaming for blood in PvP, she can be found typing over a laptop or going for hikes with her husband and German shepherds.


Marcos Rios

A bilingual Puerto Rican character designer who’s also a concept and comic book artist with a degree on Plastic Arts (UPRM). A humble, ambitious, and devoted Christian, and a fast-learner who dwells in building friendly relationships and writing personal projects with impressive world-building brainstorming capabilities. He’s the type of person that uses humor whenever he can, while also taking it seriously when necessary – especially in videogames.


Andrew Rodriguez

Andrew is a lifelong comic book and video game fan, an avid reader of fantasy and sci-fi, and loves to fully immerse himself in the fandoms he occupies. His education is in Business Management and Marketing and also trained in TV & Film. He can most commonly be found at his PC with a cup of coffee and a book.


Igor Teixeira

Igor has been an illustrator and comic book artist since 2013. He is a Brazilian graphic designer and studied illustration at the University of Derby, England, and loves to take care of his plants, dogs and cats. His main hobby is drawing whenever he is not illustrating for work, and if you don’t find him at his table doing that, then he is probably out running, playing Dota 2, and screaming at people online.