Rippaverse® x ComicBooks For Kids: Over 1,000 Books Donated!

By Andrew Rodriguez

Hello, Rippaverse®!

As you know, we recently partnered with a charity dedicated to providing comic books to children in hospitals and cancer treatment centers nationwide. ComicBooks For Kids has been doing great work for this purpose, and they are the number one organization dedicated to getting pop culture-related material into these children’s hands.

In less than two weeks, our fanbase has donated more than one thousand books to ComicBooks For Kids! That’s not a pat on the back for ourselves – that’s a standing ovation and a sincere thank you to everyone who has been able to show such immensely charitable generosity through their donations. Many of you who have chosen to donate have already spent no small amount of money to pre-order all of the items you wanted from the Isom #2 campaign page. Yet you still took your time and hard-earned money back to the site to be charitable the moment we announced our CB4K partnership. And for that, we cannot thank you enough.

ComicBooks For Kids just put out this statement on their official Facebook page:

“When a creator contacts us and wants to work with us, we are thrilled. As long as the materials are all ages suitable, we know that we can give some goodies to the kiddos. Based on the level of maturity, we can provide items to the troops.

We have one mission, and that is to simply provide the goodies provided to us back to the kiddos and to the troops.

It has only been a couple of weeks since we were contacted by Mr. Eric July. Eric informed us that someone on his staff knew of our organization and wanted to make a difference. We discussed donation options, and a selection was put up on his website, allowing others to order books for the charity.

Now, just a couple weeks later, and thanks to many supporters, their website is showing that over 1,000 books will be donated to CB4K.

However, what Eric and his team have not stated, and we want to publicly thank him for, is that this team has taken proceeds from each book and sent it back to CB4K. In just the last two weeks, Eric and his team have donated over $8,000 to support our initiatives for this year. Furthermore, there is a commitment to continue to provide us with books and additional funds from each book purchased.

Thank you, Eric and team for making a difference to so many.”

The team over at ComicBooks For Kids has been fantastic to work with. We at The Rippaverse could not be more proud to be a small part of what they’re doing and, furthermore, proud of our amazing community of fans who showed up and showed out for this wonderful organization dedicated to putting smiles on kids’ faces. If you haven’t already donated and are interested in giving back, consider heading on over to our Isom #2 campaign page and scrolling to the Donate Now options to help us get some fun comics into even more kids’ hands!