Over 25,000 Books – Cover D NOW LIVE! | New Poster | 1.7 Million

By Andrew Rodriguez

Hello, Rippaverse®!

We have crossed 25,000 total books purchased and donated! That means it’s time to reveal and add that FINAL cover for Isom #2 – Cover D to the campaign page, along with some new bundle offerings! 

This stunning cover by ace artist Ternion absolutely drips of classic comics, with Isom looking over his city of Florespark! And the new poster of Isom by RenieDraws is the definition of cool!



We have long since crossed our 1.5 million dollar benchmark (we’rve actually crossed 1.7), which means those custom Rippaverse short boxes are happening! The line work and inks have been completed, and the colors are in-progress. As soon as the colors are done, we’ll get those bad boys printed and revealed, so stay tuned for more updates on these highly-anticipated items that will hold your Rippaverse books in style for years to come.

The second Rippaverse® Fan Art Contest is well underway, with some great pieces already submitted! We’ve seriously raised the stakes regarding the prizes, so who will take the crown this time? Head on over to the Fan Art Submission page and get in where you fit in! The Fan Art Gallery will be updated periodically as new batches of submitted works are approved for qualification into the contest.

NOTE: not all submissions will be approved and qualify and, therefore, may not show up in the gallery. If you do not see your piece, please do not submit it multiple times

We can’t thank you enough for your overwhelming generosity that has resulted in more than 1,200 books donated to ComicBooks For Kids. Our community is the absolute best, and you’re doing a truly wonderful service.

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