By Andrew Rodriguez

Hello, Rippaverse®!

Earlier this year, we announced that following this summer’s Isom #2: Ill-Advised Part 2 would be Alphacore #1 by the legendary Chuck Dixon in the fall. Among the most prolific comic book writers of this generation, Chuck’s history writing the Bat-Family made him a hand-in-glove fit for the Alphacore team, and he was ecstatic about the project and teased that the interior artist would blow you all away.

We’ve sat quietly on that info long enough and are pleased to announce that Joe Bennett has joined The Rippaverse to illustrate Alphacore #1!

Chuck Dixon said that the interior artist for Alphacore #1 would be someone comic book fans have seen before, and he wasn’t kidding. Joe’s body of work at both DC and Marvel is extensive, having had his detailed pencil in dozens of solo and team books. But while he’s done the interiors for books such as Birds of Prey, Deathstroke, Teen Titans, Amazing Spider-Man, and Thor, Bennett’s most notable work was on Immortal Hulk! Those of you who were lucky enough to get in on the Dokumaan trading cards got to learn a bit more about our core Alphacore team members, Bryan Solari, Ingrid, and Braxwell, so you have a lot more to look forward to with this book with having such a stellar team at the helm!


The Brazilian-born Joe Bennett had this to say about joining The Rippaverse and his enthusiasm for getting to draw Alphacore #1,

Hello, my name is Joe Bennet. 
For 30 years I’ve been making comics for big publishers in America. And now, I join Chuck Dixon, a genius writer, to develop a new comic book: Alphacore, a new title
with tons of adventures, a lot of action and great artwork, I promise all of you. All of this, thanks to the brilliant initiative of the Rippaverse, the new publisher that’s
changing the course of American comics. I’m proud of being a part of this initiative. Join us in this new era, I’m waiting for you!

For those of you who are, for one reason or another, not already acquainted with Joe Bennett’s fantastic pencil work, go check out what he’s done so you have an idea of just what a treat you’re in for with this upcoming book.

It’s going to be a great year for indie comic book fans! We hope you’re as hyped as we are to see how Chuck and Joe’s book turns out and learn about the soon-to-be-announced interior artist for the Soska Sisters’ Yaira #1. So stay tuned to our Twitter and all of our official social media accounts and YouTube channel, and be signed up for our newsletter to stay up to date on the latest Rippaverse® news!

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