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Avery Silman is a common rancher, but that wasn’t always the case. After obtaining some unique abilities, Avery spent a brief stint being a hero under the moniker Isom in the city of Florespark, Texas. Realizing that it wasn’t for him, he walked away from this life. But after responding to a call from his sister, some violent altercations ensue and has Avery reconsidering his approach. What happened? Grab Isom #1 to find out! *Items will ship August/September 2022* and *Yes, there’s INTERNATIONAL shipping*

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The Rippaverse is FINALLY here and Isom #1 is the perfect comic book to launch it. Written by the founder of Rippaverse Publishing, Eric July, this book not only serves as the beginnings of a new character, but also as a launching pad for what will inevitably be an ever-expanding comic book universe. With pencil and ink work from industry veteran Cliff Richards and color-work from Gabe Eltaeb, this book could only be an intriguing, explosive experience. Letterer Eric Weathers applied his undeniable touch to help bring this 96-page book to life. So, what is it all about?


Avery Silman was once an entry-level hero known as Isom in the city of Florespark, Texas shortly after gaining his special abilities. A certain event had him hang up his suit, and now he stays on the outskirts of the city, living as a rancher.

Avery’s sister, Altona, gives him a call and wants him to visit an old friend by the name of Darren Fontaino. Another family friend that was interning with Altona has gone missing and she last heard that she was dealing with Darren. But Darren has much changed since he was hanging out with Avery when they were young. He’s a cold-blooded shot-caller and one of the most feared men in the city.

This visit turns into one of the longest days in Avery’s life. Around these parts, people call ‘special beings’ Excepts. And unfortunately for Avery, he has the luxury of running into some of them. The Alphacore and Yaira have their own set of conflicts. A man built like a tank by the name of Santwan reappears and he’s had previous confrontation with Avery. So what happens with Avery and Darren’s meeting? Who and where is the family friend? Just grab Isom #1: Ill-Advised Pt. 1 and find out for yourself!

Campaign Items

There are various items that you can purchase throughout the duration of the campaign. You can save money if you bundle them together with our various packages. But get them while you can. Some items are limited in quantity while others are only unique to this campaign. Here’s all that we have available for you:

  1. ISOM #1, COVER A:

    The 96-page book with Ternion’s beautiful cover. This item will no longer be available after 27k sold. All books are bagged and boarded.

  2. ISOM #1, COVER B:

    The 96-page book with Cliff Richards’ awesome cover. This item will no longer be available after 17k sold. All books are bagged and boarded.

  3. ISOM #1, COVER C:

    The 96-page book with the cover to be released this week. All books are bagged and boarded.


    A signed (by Eric July) version of the 96-page book with Ternion’s cover.


    A signed (by Eric July) version of the 96-page book with Cliff Richards’ cover.


    A signed (by Eric July) version of the 96-page book with the cover to be released this week.


    24 x 36 sized poster of Isom with artwork done by Bruno Abdias. This poster is rolled and shipped in a tube to limit creases.

    24 x 36 sized poster of Yaira with artwork done by Bruno Abdias. This poster is rolled and shipped in a tube to limit creases.

    Sand-colored shirt with Isom on the front of it. This is available on many sizes.

    Heather-gray colored shirt with various characters that were introduced in Isom #1.

    Deck of 11 cards by the mysterious Dokumaan. These cards are much larger than standard-sized trading cards AND have lenticular treatment. These are a campaign-exclusive item which means they will only be sold during the campaign window. These cards are 5in x 6.9in.

    Book that details the creation of various characters that were introduced in Isom #1. See the original designs of the important characters and read up on the significant details. There will ONLY ever be 2,000 of these printed.


Enjoy some interiors from the book:

Stretch Goals


We are Here to stay! We put the industry on notice last time, and you are helping us show them that the Rippaverse is here to stay. Thank you all so much for helping us reach this goal.


Have you heard the good news? We are picking up speed and spreading the word. If you need us, we will be getting the orders ready to be sent out in a timely manner since you've given us some wonderful business to prepare for.


Operation Recoup Fees 2.0 is Successful! Our fees are recouped! All the money that was put into this project has been made back. Thank you everyone for making this a reality. We have more goals and unlockable items in store for you as we continue with the campaign! Thank you for being great to us.


A new item unlocked: Graded Comics Inventory Expanded You guys are nuts! You asked for the graded copies, so we’re adding more to our stock!


Unlocked: Black Rippaverse Shirt This launch is going strong with 2,543 orders at the time of this writing. We wouldn't be here without your support, and that support has made it possible for us to add the black Rippaverse shirt to our catalog soon. How much further can we go? Let's find out!


Fan Art Contest Unlocked Thanks for your support! To celebrate, we’re going to host another art contest


"Be Great" We've surpassed $500,000! This is an incredible achievement that would not have been possible without the support of our amazing backers. Thank you for making this possible and being great


We’re Animated! Your support means the world to us, and we want to give it back to you! If you love the first animation we shared with you, then you'll love what we have in store! We’re officially committing to additional future animations!


Lightning Strikes Twice We are feeling ambitious and are adding the benchmark for 5mil with an extra special reward there that will be announced later as we draw closer to it.


Shortbox Unlocked Let’s face it, at this rate you’re going to need a way to store your Rippaverse Comics. The Rippaverse branded Shortbox will be available in the store as a regular purchase. Just give us time to design and release it!


Army of Vans Holy cow! We hit 2 million! This is an amazing and humbling feat that lets the world know what the people want—good stories and original characters. We’re not done. Since we’re able to reach this benchmark, we are going to push onward towards additional fleet vehicles!


"You Guys are Crazy" We did it again! This is beyond amazing and more than we could have hoped for. Without your passion and support, we wouldn't be here, so we want to offer a special thank you from us to you. We’ve got work to do!


"Monumental!" We have an incredible additional project to announce that we can safely justify: We're dropping a limited edition Isom statue!

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Mass Print Cover D Unlocked! Madness! Cover D will be hitting the campaign page soon! Be on the lookout for additional details in the newsletter and on our social media channels.