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Ends On January 20, 2024

Short Story

Short Story

Alphacore #1 is the first story set in The Rippaverse, written by the legendary Chuck Dixon with iconic pencils by Joe Bennett and lettered by Eric Weathers!

This 96-page graphic novel is a ride that will leave you on the edge of your seat with cover-to-cover intrigue, action, and suspense that you won’t want to miss!

About the Ill-Advised Arc


Though an affluent city, Florespark is not without problems. The Florespark Police are very capable of handling formidable threats. But Excepts still exist, and some of them have the worst of intentions. And that’s why they need Alphacore

The Except team, known as Alphacore, is called in to take care of Except-related problems that the Florespark Police are too outgunned to handle. But not everyone is a fan of their superpowered heroics, and not all of them are on the opposite side of the law. So when a thwarted bank bombing launches an investigation that spins into a string of murders-by-Except, Bryan Solari, Braxwell, and Ingrid Valdez must work alongside fans and non-fans alike to uncover the mystery of who has been the puppetmaster pulling the strings behind these crimes.  

How does Alphacore operate? Who is on the team beyond our three main heroes? And who will they discover is behind this recent string of felonies? Find out in the pages of Alphacore #1

Pre-order your copy today to be among the first to dive into the adventures of the team that patrols the streets and skies of Florespark—Alphacore

The target audience for ALPHACORE #1 is early teens and up due to comic violence—there is no explicit gore, sexual content, or language in the book. 


Enjoy some interiors from the book:



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