Site Updates

Hello, Rippaverse®!

Our team has been working incredibly hard in scaling up to meet our current demand. Isom #2 is almost complete, and we have TWO other books in the works that we will announce soon! But we aren’t sitting on our thumbs in the meantime! We’re using this window between books to get up to speed, and we have a lot of things to discuss that will benefit you – the customers. This all starts with some visual upgrades that are now LIVE on the website.

Something many of you will be excited about, especially our international customers, will be updates to our shipping. As we’ve mentioned, we were a new company with the first campaign and had no special shipping rates to which the public didn’t already have access. But 3.7 million dollars later, we now have a bargaining chip, and we immediately got to negotiations. We are proud to announce our partnership with UPS. This means cheaper rates and more options, such as Sharepost and overnight shipping for domestic orders. Most companies lose money on shipping costs because the goal is not to profit from them. But with this new deal, you’ll be more accurately charged, minimizing losses.

We know that international shipping was a big thing we needed to address. Again, those rates are now cheaper and more accurate. Another quality of life update is we also can now treat our orders as “duties paid.” So upon checkout, everything will be visible. You’ll be able to see the fees for duties and taxes, and you’ll get your orders without needing to make a secondary transaction upon receipt. Just place the order once, and get the product.

In addition to shipping, we’ve made many upgrades to our website, both on the back and front. Our website is faster and more secure, and we feel confident about our scaling efforts going into the next campaign. You’ll also see some aesthetic changes and our newly added “Meet the Team” page. The most significant addition to will be our new retailer portal and login. Now, retailers can sign up AS retailers on the website. Once our internal team verifies the store’s information, they will receive a login to the Retailers landing page. Here, they can keep up with upcoming Rippaverse® books and items and make bulk-order purchases for their store. So if you have any local comic book shops you want to get in on the Rippaverse® books, you can tell them that we’ve made it easier for them.

For those who follow our CEO and founder, Eric July’s personal channel, you know he’s talked about the upgrades to on the membership side. Because of what we were able to do on the backend, we now have a new level of connectivity between that and the Rippaverse. He’ll cover more details on YouTube, but we can finally announce that if you sign up as an Ultra Mack, you can now redeem your copy of the special Creator’s Edition cover of Isom #1. This cover has some really cool treatment that the pictures won’t do justice. We are limiting this to 1900 or so copies, and you’ll be able to redeem it easily once you’re logged in.

The tier system of has also been upgraded, and you’re now going to get discounts directly from the Rippaverse® store on select items, depending on what tier you signed up for. Visit the website or view the designated video on Eric’s personal YouTube page for more details.

The city has finally approved our new warehouse 2.0/Rippaverse® HQ build-out. This took far longer than we’d hoped, pushing back the release of Isom #2 a little bit. The awesome thing is, we haven’t wasted that time. We have something incredibly special prepared for y’all that we greenlit. It’ll be ready for the announcement of the pre-order. We still have to move in and get caught up, but we’ll be ready to rock once we get settled.

Well, I think I’ve covered most of the important news. We also have a special sale going on right now, so visit to take advantage of that and check out the new upgrades!