Rippaverse Fan Meet-Up Dallas 2024


A Boozy Bird Bash

By Andrew Rodriguez

The Magic of Fandom: Bringing People Together

One of the most rewarding parts of fandom is when it brings people together. The magic that happens amongst fans of all walks of life who come together with a shared interest and love for a property is something that geeks do better than anyone else. Be it video games, comic books, movies, or tabletop RPGs, there’s nothing quite like engaging with fellow fans. At The Rippaverse, that very energy is what we see as our goal to recapture and spread in a world craving for things to enjoy. The internet and social media age has made connecting with others across the globe easier than ever, and seeing our fellow comic book fans form friendships over their interest in what we’re doing is at once rewarding and humbling.

The Importance of In-Person Fan Meet-ups

But online interactions can only get you so far, and we are social creatures, after all—designed for fellowship at our very core. That’s where in-person fan meet-ups come in, and their importance cannot be overstated. Enter The Rippaverse Dallas Fan Meet-Up 2024, where a host of our Rippaverse internal team gathered with some of our fellow creatives, content creators, and friends in this space, and, most importantly of all, YOU—and ho boy, were there a lot of you! From well before doors opened to the private RSVP-only event and throughout the entire night, the meet-up venue was packed, and I do mean PACKED!


A Packed House at The Boozy Bird Venue

Hundreds of our incredible fans came out to show love to not only our team, creatives, and our content creator friends like Nerdrotic, Melonie Mac, and Jay (Drunk3PO of Geeks + Gamers—be sure to check out their livestream of the night) but to each other as well. I had a front-row seat throughout the better part of the 4-hour event to witnessing fans whom I’ve known to have fostered online friendships since we first kicked off The Rippaverse with the launch of Isom #1 get to finally meet in person, shake hands, embrace, and break bread together.

Positive Energy and Fan Interaction

The Dallas meet-up was a testament to the beauty of positive fandom interaction. It was non-stop positive energy from start to finish. The Boozy Bird venue was practically overflowing with fans of all the creators who were in attendance. The most humbling part is just how far some of you traveled to be here. There were fans from not just the Dallas area but all over this massive state of Texas and the entire country! Not only that, but every one of them was gracious and patient as they waited in the gargantuan line to meet Eric July, Jen & Sylvia Soska, Gary, Melonie, Jay, ComixDivision, and more.

Gracious Fans and Creators

It’s easy to get impatient when waiting in lines, but our fans are the uncontested BEST in the world, and they all chose to fellowship with one another while they waited to chat with the creatives, get their favorite Rippaverse books signed (such as the newly-released Yaira #1), and grab the various merch items everyone had on display. What’s more, was seeing the graciousness of the creators themselves. In an age where we’ve become accustomed to talent being less than appreciative of the fans who got them to where they are, it was refreshing to see how genuinely energetic everyone was to interact with the fans who have helped to uplift them. This is the way.

The Critical Role of Fan Meet-ups in Indie Comics

Fan meet-ups are more critical now than ever, and doubly so for the indie sphere. Truly independent creators thrive or fail on their ability to provide entertainment for their audience and give respect to their fans. This is something that we view as paramount in our Rippaverse Code of Ethics, and it is something that we seek to continually improve on every day and with each new release—we’re constantly asking ourselves, “What’s the next thing the fans will love, and how do we get it to them?”

Looking Ahead: What’s Next for The Rippaverse?

If your feedback is any indication, then Yaira #1 and the RippaZine show us that we’re on the right track, but we won’t stop there. Mike Baron’s Goodyng: The Polymath and Chuck Dixon’s The Horseman may very well end up being your new favorite book, and we here at The Rippaverse can’t wait until the next fan meet-up when we can hang out and chat all about it with you amazing people. Thank you to everyone who came out to show so much love and support. YOU help make us GREAT, and We Will Win together!

P.S. I appreciate the attempts to get NDA spoilers out of me, but you’ll have to try harder!