BackWordz Is BACK With WHITEPILLED As Rippaverse Anthem


Interview With Eric July

By Jen & Sylvia Soska

Backwordz, the influential band known for their unique sound, is back after six years with fresh music and an exciting new music

video. Despite the long hiatus, they’ve kept us on our toes. Frontman Eric D July has been busy building the Rippaverse, an independent comic company that’s revolutionized entertainment and grossed millions.

In this exclusive interview, we caught up with Eric to talk about the band’s comeback, the new music, and the band’s future.

Balancing the Band and the Rippaverse

When asked about finding time to reunite with the band amidst his hectic schedule as CEO of the Rippaverse, Eric shared that the band met a few times each year to record new music. However, finding the right time to release it was a challenge due to the happenings in their personal lives.

WhitePilled,” their new song, had been in the works for a couple of years. Eric elaborated that the success of the Rippaverse and the song’s theme aligned, leading them back into the studio to tweak the track and shoot its music video.

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Behind the Nickname YG Rippa

Eric also opened up about his old nickname, “YG Rippa,” a moniker he received due to his ties with the Dallas rap scene that still sticks with him today.

The Birth of BackWordz

Eric started Backwordz in 2014 after leaving his previous band. The inspiration was to collaborate with like-minded individuals. The band’s first song, “Grindstone,” came from a track introduced to Eric by their producer.

Behind-the-Scenes Creative Process

Eric described the band’s creative process as a collaborative effort. While he primarily writes the lyrics, and Kevin is the driving force behind the music, every member is encouraged to contribute in their own unique ways.

Eric’s Artistic Journey

Eric discovered his powerful voice and knack for speaking at a young age. His talent for writing seemed to come naturally to him, but it wasn’t until later in life that he had the means to express and showcase these abilities.


Future Plans for BackWordz

Fans can expect more from BackWordz in the coming months. The band currently has over 20 unreleased songs and is working on a new album that aims to showcase their growth while keeping the classic BackWordz feel.

There are also plans for another music video and possibly some live shows, as Eric expressed his eagerness to return to the stage.

Music Influencing Comics

Eric’s experiences as a musician greatly influenced the creation of Norfrica, the metal band born in the Rippaverse. However, he cheekily avoided confirming whether he would be writing for them. Don’t believe us? Here are his words.

“Who says I’m writing Norfrica?! But the creation of Norfrica was absolutely influenced by my experience with being a musician.”

Stay tuned for more updates on BackWordz and Eric D July’s Rippaverse.

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