Alphacore #1 Animated Teaser Trailer and Pre-order Launch Date Announced

By Andrew Rodriguez

Hello, Rippaverse®!

ALPHACORE #1, written by the legendary Chuck Dixon and penciled by the iconic Joe Bennett, is here!

Pre-orders go LIVE on Monday, November 6! Be sure to get signed up as a Rippaverse® Member if you have not done so already, as ALL tiers get EARLY ACCESS, so don’t wait – get signed up TODAY!

We promised you all more animation from Rippaverse Studios, and we deliver! Please enjoy this short, animated teaser trailer and look forward to the FULL trailer release on the ALPHACORE #1 Launch Day!

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Get ready, because the superstar creative team behind ALPHACORE #1 absolutely knocked it out of the Florespark!

NOVEMBER 6 – mark your calendars!

As always, thank you for all of your love and support, and for being our driving force.

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  • Andrew @FrjalsiFenrir | Creative Director, Editor, Social Media Manager