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A limited-edition book with the original concept art of several Rippaverse characters introduced in Isom #1

  • Concept Art of several characters as originally conceptualized by Eric July and drawn by Marcos Rios
  • Narrated by Eric July with breakdowns of the character creations
  • A Campaign exclusive
  • Only 2000 will EVER be printed

2 reviews for Rippaverse Concept Art Book

  1. Unoraptormon (verified owner)

    TLDR; I’m very disappointed and feel lied to on this product. This is 16 reference pages in a booklet with a paper cover and staples, not a concept art book.

    I was looking forward to this when I ordered it back in July, so I’ll start with some overall good. The quality of the paper is good, and the blurbs on how the character was created are nice.

    Now for the rest. For starters, this isn’t an art book, it’s a booklet. This is only eight pages long with a paper cover and staples. There is printed material on both sides of each page, so there is that, but it’s still a booklet.

    The content of those pages is a let down. Each page is one character, but what’s there isn’t concept art. It’s a reference page. There are color swatches on most characters, front and back on the two poster characters, and some of the ref pages have movement of the character to display a bit of personality. However, the set up confirms them as reference pages, not concept art.

    When I see “Concept Art Book”, I’m expecting turn arounds of the characters featured, initial drafts of a character, iterations done until the character was finalized, call outs of defining details of the final design, poses that help nail down personality through character design, explanations on the process and not just the lore. When I see “Concept Art Book” and it’s $75? I’m expecting all of that in a hardcover book.

    Maybe this should have been something released later down the line, after more issues had come out and more information was revealed through the comics. Maybe this could have been a more celebratory product instead of having a side by side release with the first issue of ISOM. Either way, I regret buying this and wish I’d only bought the comic.

  2. Anthony Duarte (verified owner)

    Got the “concept art book” that I had to double-check to make sure I got what I ordered and yeah it’s a big disappointment. Unlike the comic which I liked a lot, this is severally lacking in quality. It is like a free booklet you get when you attend an opera or band concert or something. If I paid $10-15 dollars for this okay but $75 is a huge rip off especially for a “limited edition” product.

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