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  • Bagged and Boarded 112-page book with Ternion’s beautiful cover.
  • Written by Eric July, drawn by Cliff Richards, and colored by Gabe Eltaeb.
  • Including signed and graded copies, no more than 27,500 will be available for purchase throughout the duration of this campaign.
  • This cover will never be reprinted.

19 reviews for ISOM #2 COVER A

  1. Charleston Wright (verified owner)

    I haven’t read the book, but I know it’s going to be awesome. Congratulations, Eric July and to everyone else, who’s is making this company fantastic.

  2. Jackson Perez (verified owner)

    I feel like these covers for ISOM 2 just blew the first book’s covers out of the water. Excellent work to everyone

  3. Jason Simmers (verified owner)

    Loved ISOM #1 and excited for #2. Kind of disappointed there wasn’t a signed edition option for this edition other than the graded option. Hopefully they bring back the option with future releases.

  4. John Rivera (verified owner)

    It was a hard choice between cover B and C for Isom #1. Isom #2 cover A grabbed me and I this its the most expressive of the set. What you all have created is amazing and I’ve been impatiently waiting to see what happens next. The story is truly gripping and its wonderful to turn pages, enjoy art and play out fight scenes in my mind without having to worry about getting smacked with the latest political talking point. Cannot praise the artwork enough. Thank you for engaging in this endeavor and we all pray for your continued success.

  5. Inquisitor Steel (verified owner)

    Greetings Rippaverse,

    After listening mister Eric´s youtube content, getting excited about the Isom project and finally reading the first comic, I must say Eric and all your comrades in this business are doing excellent work. The world needed something that mega companies are not controlling and Isom is the one that will keep us entertained in the real comic stuff (not the modern change culture and real world problems stuff).
    Thank you Rippaverse for keeping things real with us comic fans. I am excited to see how Isom himself goes forward with his never give up attitude and what this cool world will give us in the future. For now, my favourite characters are Isom and Alphacore team.
    Good luck with the Rippaverse all.

    Best regards,
    Inquisitor Steel

  6. ABHIRAG BAISIL (verified owner)

    Looking forward to reading Isom#2… Enjoyed reading Isom #1… having grown up without reading Marvel & DC ( even though I’m collecting the Omnibus books now)…it felt good that isom #1 is the first American comic book I bought.

  7. rmossmd (verified owner)

    I got Cover A because I figured my wife to avoid my wife being upset by my purchase of an attractive Bloodruth on the cover. I feel competitive with Cover B having 500 more sold throughout the campaign. Now I am disappointed because the Cover D is so amazing… I could buy a Cover D for me and give the collectible Cover A to my nephew who will destroy it because he is 8…
    Many thoughts… looking forward to Isom #2 and the Shortbox.

  8. rmossmd (verified owner)

    Last chance prediction / cool imagining of short box: top “Rippaverse 8-2023″with hat logo. longer side: poster of Isom and AlphaCore. Other longer side: poster of Yaira and “?” new series by CHuck Dixon. Short end “?” new series by ERic July. Other shorter end “more to come.”

  9. rmossmd (verified owner)

    I cannot find a place to comment on the fan art contest, so I will comment in the wrong place.
    How can you pick just one?
    How impressive is Yaira floating in front of the sun? by Alex Lopez
    How great is the emotional confrontation of Isom and The big guy on Isom #2, cover A by Jorge K. Jaramillo?
    EIther could be a cover or poster if the artists want to make a deal with Eric.

  10. rmossmd (verified owner)

    SOmeone pass on to Eric,
    a video of a comic fan who was in an incident of Jack Kirby almost getting into a fight in 1971. A theft at a NY ComicCon led to a fistfight and Kirby went to threaten / intimidate one or both of the brawlers… no clear indication of Kirby tending to go and punch those who disagreed with his ideas.

  11. rmossmd (verified owner)

    I know you needed more art contest commentary:
    I love the energy and detail in Isom getting ready to punch Braxton by Joshua Lam (they have never even met why would Isom want to hit him?)
    3 posters for the 3 Rippaverse books by Suteja. Nice, hire the man to draw some more posters!
    Boodruth by Indio. Crackling good.

  12. rmossmd (verified owner)

    More art praise: Donnie Danko’s Isom action figure is fun.
    John Dillard’s Isom back against the wall is outstanding.
    Brett Barkley made a great Isom action poster.
    I do not know what is best…
    If I were to predict a winner, I would go with Joshua Lam’s Isom coming to hit Braxton as apromotion of Isom #2 and ALphaCore #1.

  13. rmossmd (verified owner)

    Isom #2 should be coming soon…
    After listening to
    (Eric July talking to the Soska sisters) the Yaira floating in front of the sun ( by Alex Lopez ) still looks great, but the tone of Yaira’s comics sounds like it will be much more intense than the beautiful, peaceful picture. Approx: “Yaira will not be accused of misogyny, she hates men and women equally.” “She is not the kind of hero who will go out of her way to save innocents.”

  14. rmossmd (verified owner)

    AN actual review: Very good follow-up story. THis is different, but still engaging and entertaining. I did not recognize the “counselor” in the Isom #2 video from Isom #1. Lots of new characters and storylines weaving in and out as the main plot is moving along. I look forward to Isom #3 as well as AlphACore and Yaira.

  15. Jokerthefool (verified owner)

    2022 was the year I went all in on independent comics and that was due to finding out about the Rippaverse and being one of the first to get in on Isom #1. I loved Isom #1 as it was a great launching pad for a universe that has a lot of stories to tell that will have awesome characters that engage in action and intrigue. Isom #2 expands on the first book and clues the reader even more into just how deep and expansive the Rippaverse is sure to be.

    Isom #1’s art was fantastic and I described it as popping of the page and somehow the second issue is better. The artwork from Cliff is fantastic and Gabe’s colorwork shines through even though a lot of the scenes have a darker color palate. The lettering is fantastic as well and there was only one error that took me a bit out of my reading experience.

    A lot happens in this book as it is over 100 pages but it mostly focuses on Isom and introducing some new characters that are sure to be important latter in the ill-advised arc and other stories in the Rippaverse. The writing and art meld together to make this an immersive experience and since this is a continuation of a story there is more payoff but it still ends on a cliff hanger and it will leave you wanting to find out what happens next.

    To conclude: I highly recommend Isom #2 as it takes the launching pad that was established in Isom #1 and builds on it. The focus is mostly on Isom but with new and returning characters added to the mix as well there is plenty to payoff in Isom #3, Yaira #1 and Alphacore #1 which I’m sure will be as stellar as Isom has been. I had high hopes for the Rippaverse from a story telling perspective with Isom #1 and Isom #2 confirms that those expectations were not unreasonable at all. The Rippaverse will be home well done and long term storytelling that will be full of action, intrigue and superheroes and villains!

  16. William Weizenbach (verified owner)

    I was never a big comic book guy growing up but i am having so much fun seeing where this story is going and the teases to the other books coming out. The story may not be anything profound by any means but it is so much fun, I love sydnee’s character design and the start of her story. The second book is teasing so many different story arcs, I love it. Keep up the enthusiasm and the fun. I am going to ve spending a lo lt of money here in the future

  17. rmossmd (verified owner)
    8/1/23 article tried to use Isom as an example, but bungled it. “Isom #1 has brought in 1.7 million” … 8/1 that would have been Isom #2 at 1.7 million… the 2nd very successful campaign would have been a better example to support his collection of non-Leftists defying the popular culture and being successful.

  18. Lauren Trosky (verified owner)

    As someone who has never read or been a fan of American comics I can honestly say that I am really enjoying this series so far! The second comic in the series got super exciting and I couldn’t put it down. I was so disappointed when I finished it! 😩 I can’t wait for the next volume!!!

  19. DAMIAN ATWOOD (verified owner)

    Huge improvement over the first book. Blood Ruth seems neat and I wanna know more about her. TONS of well drawn action! And it’s great to see Isom in full uniform. Keep it up. I want this short box full of your books!

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