By Rippaverse Team Facebook Twitter Youtube Hello, Rippaverse! Three books were promised as part of our 2023 release slate. ISOM #2 was always going to be the next project. Then, last week, we teased the book that would follow Ill-Advised Part 2 with Alphacore #1 this fall by the legendary Chuck Dixon! But what would […]


Hello, Rippaverse! Earlier this year, we promised to announce three books for our following slate of releases. You already knew that ISOM #2: Ill-Advised Part 2 would be one of them, but we are now thrilled to be able to finally announce the title of and writer for the book that will follow that! Hold […]

2023 Release Schedule

Hello, Rippaverse! Believe it or not, we’re getting close to being halfway through 2023 already. Of course, we spent the last several months creating new material for all of our Rippaverse customers, but the bulk of the work was centered around logistics. As we’ve stated in our previous updates, we’ve made upgrades throughout the company […]

Site Updates

Hello, Rippaverse! Our team has been working incredibly hard in scaling up to meet our current demand. Isom #2 is almost complete, and we have TWO other books in the works that we will announce soon! But we aren’t sitting on our thumbs in the meantime! We’re using this window between books to get up […]

Transparency Update

Hello Rippaverse! Your incredible support resulted in ISOM #1 bringing in over 3.7 million dollars and moving over 60,000 copies of the book. Without you, we could not have seen such immense success as a brand-new independent publisher. However, many are under the impression that we get to pocket that $3.7 million and start buying […]

Isom #1 Campaign Launch

The first book to be released alongside the launch of the Rippaverse Comics is Isom #1! You can watch the first video down below: